Forks for french fries, lights from sewing-machines, diswasher detergent bottles, connectors, screws, bolts, caps from all sorts of bottles,  wing nuts, wicks, spouts, fruit bags and hundreds of other objects, components and packaging materials. All of this is neatly arranged in boxes and bags, stacked up high in an old class room: the studio of an artist. To avoid chaos, all is arranged according to form and colour. This is the world of Carolien Adriaansche.
Adriaansche collects all day long. Her children are allowed to eat hot chips on one condition: they have to hand in the plastic forks after finishing their meal. The shop next door where they sell sewing machines is asked to save old light bulbs. When on holidays, dozens of detergent bottles are bought from as many different brands they can find. Not just to use, but for all the exciting colours of the bottles and caps. Crisps, chocolates; everything is eaten in order to obtain the beautiful packaging material that surrounds it. 
Adriaansche has a small army of assistants who collect rubbish on demand or simply because they like to. From this multitude of objects (discarded, used, broken) Adriaansche creates a new world. Components and parts that in their previous lives had nothing to do with each other are now put together by Carolien and made into a new thing. 

This rearranging of elements into a new form shows true craftsmanship.  When a new creature suddenly comes alive from of all this junk material it is as if a small miracle as happened. A broken light bulb and a used plastic fork make an insect. Brilliantly coloured in bright green, ready to come alive and fly away. A new species has been created: the BzzBulb.

Henk Heijnen van Kunstuitleen Gouda Regio

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